We soaked a suppressor in the Cleaner Concentrate for several hours and successfully salvaged this one that was heavily saturated with carbon to the point where it resembled a barrel extension. This stuff works wonders.

Luke Haug
Integrity Elite Firearms
Lawrence KS

After years of dealing with the persistent issue of carbon buildup on suppressors, we finally have a product, Suppressor Syrup, that effectively addresses this nuisance. We maintain a large fleet of rental suppressors that see daily use, and Suppressor Syrup has eliminated the need for us to use messy and expensive sonic cleaners.

Luke Haug
Integrity Elite Firearms
Lawrence KS

I’ve been using your Suppressor Syrup on and off for a couple years since you dropped off that test bottle. This stuff works! I put together a lot of custom packages here at the shop and one issue I’ve always run into is on compensated handguns. The comps always seize up making disassembly and cleaning a headache. So I started putting a couple drops of the Suppressor Syrup where the comps meet the barrel and I’ve noticed a huge improvement in ease of disassembly! I’ve even used it in my own personal suppressors even though they are guaranteed to not carbon lock, and they’ve been much easier to clean.

Sales / Armorer
Wade’s Eastside Guns Bellevue WA

I was introduced to Suppressor Syrup at an event last year to test. I am pleased to see it is now on the market. What I have found is the suppressors I have (several) do clean easier after 100 rounds to 500 rounds. I don’t have to work as hard to remove the carbon on compensators, baffles and muzzle break. My cans are noticeably easy to remove and no sign of having any carbon lock which I’ve had slight issue in the past. I am confident my new Sig MODX-9 modular will be easy to change the length when removing a baffle section as needed by applying syrup on the threads. Good stuff!

CK Brown

My company has really enjoyed the Suppressor Syrup. We have have used it on roughly 40 silencers that range anywhere from 200 rounds to 3 thousand rounds. From what we have noticed is at the minimum rate, my baffle system cleans off fantastic and can take a blackened carbon fouled debris and build up off immediately. Once you surpass the 1000 ish mark we asses the Suppressor Syrup dissipates off within the baffle system. This only happens where the heat majority is contain. My silencer system is modular and the syrup works great throughout the 3k worth of rounds in the threads which prevents carbon build. This is a huge advantage to my system because we rely on unscrewing each baffle to clean and maintain it. Ultimately, wherever Suppressor Syrup is without direct heat/fire engagement will outlast the engagement period of either a range day or military mission.
Adam Gudz owner MMG Silencers

Here’s my down and dirty review for the True Blue Suppressor Syrup:
I used the True Blue Suppressor Syrup for three cleaning cycles after my range days. The amount of hard carbon build up was significantly less that when I was not using the Suppressor Syrup. Most notable was how much easier to remove the minimal amount of build-up there was on the comp and the suppressor mating collar. Another significant benefit was how much easier it was to remove the suppressor for cleaning when the Suppressor Syrup was applied to the comp. Almost every time I cleaned my rifle prior to applying the Suppressor Syrup, it took a decent amount of effort to break the carbon lock and remove the suppressor. As I mentioned before, this was almost completely mitigated by using the Suppressor Syrup.

Christopher Hayter, Master Police Officer/SWAT Operations Division

I wanted to thank you for the bottle of TRUE BLUE Suppressor Syrup to try on my Bul Armory SAS2 Open Pistol. As we discussed at CanCon in AZ, the issue I have is lead and carbon build up on the compensator. The prior method of removal was mechanical removal with a brass pick.
I cleaned the compensator as best as I could and applied the Suppressor Syrup. It has two or three hundred rounds and the compensator has been easy to clean out the carbon and lead. When cleaned and treated with SS, there was minimal lead adhesion, making cleaning much easier. I will recommend and purchase more when needed.

Brian C. Seattle WA
Bul Armory SAS2

Here’s some quick feedback to give the lube guy.
I used the suppressor lube over the course of several months and approximately 2000 rounds during SWAT and Patrol range training. It was used on two different short-barreled rifles, an 11.5 Geissele with included Surefire flash hider and a 10.5 Radian with a Warcomp. Both were fired with the same Surefire SOCOM RC2 suppressor. This specific suppressor has experienced carbon lock on several occasions in the past, prior to using this product. The previous lock up would require firing enough to heat up the suppressor in order to wrench it off the muzzle device. During the course of testing this product, I experienced zero carbon lock up. I will continue to use this product and recommend it to others as it makes a significant difference in the maintenance of my weapon system.

Officer T. Block – Firearms Instructor, SWAT

I live in Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada. In February 2022 I was heading to an outdoor match. It was -20º C, snowing and the match was 2 1/2 hours away. 🙁

I get to the match and my pistol would not cycle. I was not happy and thinking what the hell to do. I had a needle bottle of True Blue Gun Oil I had not used yet. So I decided to clean my competition piston of Gun Butter I had been using. After applying the True Blue, my pistol worked flawless the entire damn, cold, match. That experience proved their (True Blue) gun oil worked as they claim. It is now what I apply on all my weapons.

Canadian Competition Shooter

Giving my gun a good cleaning before my match this weekend. If you have not tried TRUE BLUE Gun Lubricants you are missing out! Really good product. Gun cleaner is 100% water soluble and biodegradable. Spray some down your barrel, set it aside to let it work while cleaning your FCU. Pull a barrel snake through it and look how great a job it does. Their oil is just as good – no change in viscosity on really cold mornings or really hot afternoons. TRUE BLUE is the way to go!

Scott Rowe
Competitive Shooter in AZ