As Police Officers and Outdoorsmen, we depend on the proper function of our firearms more than ever. We simply wanted the best possible lubricants available and we found it in True Blue Gun Lubricant!

We received our first sample bottle of TRUE BLUE Gun Oil and Gun Grease on 3/10/17 and applied it to several of our handguns. We loved it right away! From the performance of both products to the convenient 1/2oz size bottle that can fit anywhere. The needle tip makes for a clean and easy application of oil to all areas.

Tommy Watson President – Modern Tactical

I received a sample of Gun Grease and True Blue Gun Oil at SHOT (SHOW 2017) this past January. I just wanted to follow up with how I feel it performs. I used the Gun Grease in my M1 Garand and M1 Carbine and it worked very well. The big test was in my rim fire race guns. I am part of the Tactical Solutions Shooting Team, and up to this point in the summer, I have gone through approximately 15,000 rounds of ammunition in my Tactical Solutions X-Ring rifle and my Ruger Mkiii 22/45 in practice and competitions. I have been using the Gun Grease in the X-Ring and it has run flawlessly. This is by far one of the cleanest lubricants I have ever used. I clean my weapons every 3 or 4 thousand rounds and the carbon and grime wipes right off. I have been using the Gun Oil in my 22/45 and like-wise have had no issue with operation. You have definitely hit a home-run with this combination. I make it a point to brag up your product to all my fellow shooters.

Jeffery Packer, MSG (Ret) Executive Director/Chief Curator Idaho Military Museum

Started last week (11/1/17) using the (Gun) grease on the cranes of my shot revolvers and using the lube (Gun Oil) on my AR rifles…loving it. We get huge carbon build up on the cranes of our 686 pistols. It gets baked on, after trying the (Gun) grease it just wiped off easily. Also trying the lube on my STI race gun and my shadow in cold weather. Minus 6 celsius (21º F) tonight…gun was smooth as silk.

Kelly Abrams DVC Gun Range – Vancouver BC

For my part, I have run the crap out of the oil in M-4 and Glock, and the grease in 1911 and .308) with no issues. I am still really impressed with the stuff.

N.C, US Army IDPA and PRS Shooter

True Blue has flipped the script with what gun oil we use here at Spectyr. Frankly, we were stuck with what we always used and didn’t think to ever try something new.

SIC Crew, Spectyr Industries Corp