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Florida State University

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As President of the Florida State University Action Shooting Team, I’ve seen countless gun lubricants come and go. None have impressed me as much as TRUE BLUE. As the largest collegiate shooting team in the country, we have the unique requirement to perform in climates all the way from snow, to raging Florida heat. With the power of True Blue Gun Cleaner and Gun Oil, the team can perform at competition without the hindrance of uncertainty in our equipment. A good lubricant is one that does what the label says. A great lubricant goes above and beyond while going unnoticed.
-Bowdi Miller-
President, FSU FAST
Instrgram: fsufast
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Wild Gats

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University of Arizona Wildgats is a multiple National Championship and podium finishing collegiate shooting team. TRUE BLUE is the first official gun lubricant brand ever selected for the team!! Tested and Trusted.

From Team Director: Wildgats chose True Blue Gun Lubricants after extensive testing. We found they performed exceptionally well in all of our competition firearms and our personal firearms. In competition, flawless performance from our firearms is the only way we can be assured we can compete at the highest level. True Blue Gun Oil and Gun Cleaner assures us of this in all conditions

Instagram: @wildgats_ua


Team Gotta

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We are a youth action shooting team with about 20 athletes and several National Championships. We shoot many different types of firearms in a variety of competitive disciplines. In total, the team shoots roughly 10,000 rounds a month.  Eliminating variables is important when competing. You need to know that your equipment will work 100% of the time. Equipment issues don’t only affect you but also affect your team. We have been using TRUE BLUE products for the past 4 months with great results. We have eliminated the variability that can come from individuals using different combinations of gun care products. This has increased the confidence level in our athletes and allows them to focus on shooting, not equipment. We have the utmost confidence in TRUE BLUE products and recommend that if you are looking for a competitive edge you need try them! Instagram


Steel Dragons Gun Club

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Renton Steel Dragons is another local Washington State Youth Speed Steel shooting team who selected TRUE BLUE Gun Lubricants after thoroughly testing. Just like everyone else who has tested and used our products, the decision was easy.


Wes Mahr

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I have been shooting since childhood. I got my introduction to the shooting community at a local IDPA match. I was introduced to USPSA, GSSF and 3 Gun Nation where I have maintained my focus. I fire thousands of rounds from many guns each month at competitions and championships at state, national, and world-class level matches. At ProAm National Championship I competed in, I placed 1st in my class and the NRA World Shooting Championship. I primarily compete with the 2011 platform using my STI International custom built by PFI Firearms. I compete with several Glocks with the Glock Sport Shooting Foundation using a Glock 26, and two different Glock 17’s. One of the 17’s built by PFI Firearms, is an open race gun using Carver Custom products. Benelli, Mossberg, Smith & Wesson, Palmetto State Armory, Sig, and Daniel Defense have also provided me with many great days In competition When fractions of a second count, I need to have complete faith that my guns run efficiently and reliably. I run my guns hard and choose TRUE BLUE Gun Lubricants for the confidence in knowing that my firearms will perform at their best and be protected. 

K.I.D.S. Safe logo-250x150

K.I.D.S. Safe Foundation

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Maintenance is important to ensure our rifles are clean, running right, and SAFE for the kids in our programs. We selected TRUE BLUE Gun Lubricants because their Gun Oil and Gun Cleaner is nontoxic and odorless. It is all that we use. We are thankful for their support of our program. We both love SAFETY and it shows!!

Instagram: @kidssafefoundation

Team DZ 214

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From Joe Bawden of Team Down Zero 214
Both Nick and I cleaned and lubricated our competition guns using True Blue, before the IDPA class over memorial day weekend. The products worked wonderfully. We shot over 1500 rounds in 3 days and I think a testament to how well the lubrication works is that I didn’t have to think about it. I shot as I needed to and didn’t have to reapply or clean half way through. When we are out there doing what we do, there is a lot to think about, and prepare for one less thing to prepare for and to think or worry about is always a leg up.

Team DZ-214 is proudly partnered with True Blue Gun Lubricants in supporting veterans programs. The team appreciates and applauds their support of the veteran community. When considering lubricants for our competition guns True Blue is second to none.

Our valued partners

The following gun manufacturers use our Gun Oil and/or Heater Grease and Gun Cleaner upon assembly of their weapons, or recommend TRUE BLUE gun care products to their customers. They include one of our SAMPLE bottles of Gun Oil with a new gun purchase and some sell our products on their web site. There are many many brands of lubricants to choose from, why TRUE BLUE? We exceeded their expectations!

Full Conceal

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We partnered with TRUE BLUE Gun Lubricants to use their Gun Oil with your new FULL CONCEAL folding firearm! FULL CONCEAL pistols ran cleaner and smoother during testing when we applied with TRUE BLUE. It’s easy to see the TRUE BLUE difference; we now trust it for all of our firearm needs! TRUE BLUE is perfectly mated with FULL CONCEAL


Juggernaut Tactical

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We use TRUE BLUE Gun Oil exclusively and think you should too!


Lionheart Industries

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We are proud to partner with TRUE BLUE Gun Oil with our new Regulus! Lionheart pistols ran cleaner and smoother during testing when treated with TRUE BLUE. It’s easy to see the TRUE BLUE difference; we now trust it for all of our Armory needs! TRUE BLUE is perfectly mated with the Regulus – both are engineered to the highest performance and standards!

MarColMar Firearms

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We are proud to include a Sample bottle of TRUE BLUE Gun Oil with every new Cetme L we sell. We believe it is the perfect oil to maintain the rifle’s function and preserve its condition for years to come. We believe it is the best gun lubricant on the market, and why it is the only oil we recommend. We encourage our owners to use it on every platform we’ve built, as well as on all other guns.

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Quarter Circle 10

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We are include a bottle of TRUE BLUE Gun Oil with your Quarter Circle 10 purchase. We are proud to partner with TRUE BLUE Gun Lubricants.
After months of testing with TRUE BLUE, we found our platforms function better and cleaner. Our extensive testing included tens of thousands of rounds fired in every unforgiving circumstances including sustained fully automatic fire. TRUE BLUE Gun Oil has performed above expectations with minimal cleaning or re-application. We recommend their Gun Cleaner to clean your weapons.

Trojan Firearms

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After testing TRUE BLUE Gun Oil for 3 weeks, we believe this is the best gun lubricant on the market we have found. Their Gun Cleaner is efficient for full cleaning of our weapons of dirt, grime and residues. We are pleased to be partnered with this premier product.