Brought to you by a company who knows lubrication. Dumonde Tech Racing Oil

Dumonde Tech Racing Oils Micro Resistant Complex Compounds™ (MRCC) continues development after 10+ years. Originally developed for their motorsports oils, MRCC technology creates a lighter viscosity while maintaining high protection, very low coefficient of friction and increase in adhesion creating much higher film strength over common, traditional technology and claims. By design, Dumonde Tech oils migrate for complete wetting of the surfaces. This formulation is a “liquid plastic”. Through heat and pressure, polymerization forms a long-lasting plating on all surfaces. Neither the Gun Oil or Gun Grease will become sticky or gooey! We are not afraid of heat or cold, and the extreme conditions weapons can be subjected to.

With their popularity and success Dumonde Tech motorsports products, Dumonde Tech developed a top tier bicycle lubricant line in the late 90’s.  Again, performance proved that Dumonde Tech’s products are world class for cyclists and manufacturers seeking the best performing lubricants for their bicycles and components.

As the popularity of Dumonde Tech grew, customers were asking “how would Dumonde Tech lubricants perform in a gun?”

Not having experience in the gun industry, with help from our distributor, My Life at SPEED’s Andy DeVol, had controlled testing performed by seasoned recreational, military and police firearms experts for several years using formulations they currently had available. The feed back was not surprising, and very encouraging!

The end of 2016 Andy started working with Dumonde Tech to develop a firearms specific lubricants. Our first introduction was Shot Show 2017 and have been building a following ever since. We are excited about the feed back from our dealers and quite important, their customers. Along with the gun manufacturers who have selected to use our products, what is heard consistently is “These products were the best we have ever used.” “What makes it so good?”. Our answer, “we’ve done our job”. Dumonde Tech is the only Oil company in 4 recreational sports. Motorsports, Bicycle, Firearms and Fishing(coming soon).

We are better and unique right down to the bottles. Our 1/2oz Gun Oil “Bullet Bottle” is not like the cheap, standard of the industry Luerlock design. Our Bullet Bottle needle is protected, no leaking, no losing the needle cover. Cap it and pack it.

Proven and Tested!

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True Blue definition:  “marked by unswerving loyalty”. Australian slang Urban Dictionary “The real thing, no bullshit.”

Dumonde Tech is a component to the performance of mechanisms and machines

Compared to the Competition

TRUE BLUE is used by Special Forces personel, police, security, present and former military members choose TRUE BLUE just as all other brands claim to.

We do not offer a CLP product because C (Cleaner) is intended to break down L (Lubricants). Fact is, the lubricating properties of CLP’s are greatly reduced due to breaking the molecular chain. Mid to long term performance will suffer and wear increases. For the best results is clean your weapon with a cleaner (TRUE BLUE Gun Cleaner), lubricate with a lubricant. Don’t go cheap and/or lazy using a CLP product. Your weapons deserve better.

Why do other brands have several selections of gun oils, a CLP, specific application this, that ……? Because at some point they under perform so they create an additional product, then another and take more shelf space to look big. We have one Gun Oil that performs across the application spectrum like no other. We have a Gun Grease that satisfies those who prefer a grease on specific applications. Our Gun Cleaner is efficient, effective and does not stink. Dumonde Tech has years of experience in small component lubricants where big oil company brands do not. They just have an oil, a CLP and market their name. It does not mean they have the best product. Do you want “works ok” or “works great”.

Dumonde Tech considers lubrication a component to the performance of mechanisms and machines.