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Jamie Fitch

Wow, cleaning Kaden’s (son and sponsored shooter) gun and chokes just got a lot easier. TRUE BLUE has the best cleaner we have ever used. My Dad, a shooter of 45 years was skeptical at first. He had his back up “carburetor cleaner” out, that was never used and will never be used again. He is now a believer like us. Lastly we didn’t have to clean the gun outside, there was no strong chemical smell. Instagram post


Only the best for my chokes!! TRUE BLUE Gun Cleaner will make your chokes spotless!!! Instagram

Kaden is a TRUE BLUE Sponsored Trap Shooter

AK Brown

After being introduced to your Gun Cleaner at my local gun store who highly recommended it. I am rather impressed how well this works for a water soluble cleaner. And it’s biodegradable!! And it doesn’t stink!! I use it on my hand guns, bolt action and AR15. I found it works really well on carbon build up on the AR which I am experiencing less of using the True Blue gun oil.

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Nick Merryman – Gunsmith C.A.R. Firearms

Just wanted to give you an update on the results using your Gun Cleaner here at the shop. It’s the product I reach for first when I’m doing a deep clean on any firearm. Since it’s less viscous than a lot of other products, particularly a CLP, it’s able to quickly flow down the bore and into all the tiny crevices, such as the ones found in the barrel extension near the chamber on an AR-15. This is a place that is notoriously hard to clean thoroughly. Your Gun Cleaner gets in all the tiny hard to reach areas. It does a great job of breaking carbon loose and making it accessible for a cleaning patch, a brush, or compressed air to get out of the gun. It seems to do a good job at getting the green copper oxides moving out of the bore as well. If I let it sit in the bore for a few minutes it really does a lot of the hard work for me. Solvents are more aggressive on carbon and copper, but they’re also more aggressive on your skin, lungs, and your senses if you know what I mean. No need for a respirator, a fume hood, or an open window. I recommend to anyone they should keep a bottle on hand when doing a quick cleaning and a full clean. Once everything is clean, put a drop of True Blue Gun Oil on the friction points, reassemble the firearm, cycle the action half a dozen times, your done. Quite the product you’ve created. Thanks for that.

One thing I did forget to mention is the TRUE BLUE Gun Cleaner. I did test it out on one of my suppressors and I will say I was impressed.  It really seemed to be absorbed almost by the carbon and I had a much easier time and removed a larger amount of carbon compared to the other cleaners we have used.  I was honestly a bit surprised at the difference as at first the other cleaner we primarily use seemed to be reacting more to the carbon, but after a few minutes of soaking their Gun Cleaner took off significantly more buildup from my baffles.  I repeated this process a couple times with different baffles just to make sure that the one baffle was not a fluke, and every time the TRUE BLUE Gun Cleaner outperformed my expectations.

Brendan Miller
Former Sales Manager – Pantel Tactical

Just so you know, I used True Blue (Gun Cleaner) to some rather filthy .22 rifles.  It worked amazingly well!

Rich Portman – Blue Line Tactical Academy

Giving my gun a good cleaning before my match this weekend. If you have not tried TRUE BLUE Gun Lubricants you are missing out! Really good product. Gun cleaner is 100% water soluble and biodegradable. Spray some down your barrel, set it aside to let it work while cleaning your FCU. Pull a barrel snake through it and look how great a job it does. Their oil is just as good – no change in viscosity on really cold mornings or really hot afternoons. TRUE BLUE is the way to go!

Scott Rowe
Competitive Shooter in AZ

We soaked a suppressor in the Cleaner Concentrate for several hours and successfully salvaged this one that was heavily saturated with carbon to the point where it resembled a barrel extension. This stuff works wonders.

Luke Haug
Integrity Elite Firearms
Lawrence KS