After being introduced to your Gun Cleaner at my local gun store who highly recommended it. I am rather impressed how well this works for a water soluble cleaner. And it’s biodegradable!! And it doesn’t stink!! I use it on my hand guns, bolt action and AR15. I found it works really well on carbon build up on the AR which I am experiencing less of using the True Blue gun oil.

AK Brown

Only the best for my chokes!! TRUE BLUE Gun Cleaner will make your chokes spotless!!! Instagram

Kaden is a TRUE BLUE Sponsored Trap Shooter

Kaden Fitch – Sponsored Clay Shooter

TRUE BLUE (Gun Grease) worked awesome this week during the California State Championship. The heater grease stayed strong and lasted through 1000 rounds and is still going strong. Works great on Over & Under Shotguns like Kaden’s Sliver Pigeon. We love testing new products and TRUE BLUE Gun Lube is exceeding our expectations. Instagram post


Jamie Fitch

Wow, cleaning Kaden’s (son and sponsored shooter) gun and chokes just got a lot easier. TRUE BLUE has the best cleaner we have ever used. My Dad, a shooter of 45 years was skeptical at first. He had his back up “carburetor cleaner” out, that was never used and will never be used again. He is now a believer like us. Lastly we didn’t have to clean the gun outside, there was no strong chemical smell. Instagram post


Jamie Fitch

Great meeting you (Shot Show 2017)and thank you for the ride. You did a great job presenting your products which peaked our interest. With so many different gun lubes on the market wading through the hype and hocus pocus can be a daunting task.

I have only used your products on my Glock 19 by design to afford me a baseline comparison with my other firearms and products. I have been pleased with TRUE BLUE performance. My test while rudimentary I have found to be a good indication of its potential and long term use. What I have done is clean and degrease the entire pistol then grease my rail contact points and oil the rest of the gun. I only have about 1500 rounds through it at this point and have found it to be performing very well. The plan is to not add any more lube and see how long True Blue works until I have a perceptible decrease in performance. I appreciate you taking the time to explain your products and afford me an opportunity to exercise them.

Danel Jenkins Precision Rifle Solutions

Yes I remember talking with you about your product. It has performed exceptionally well. My guys seem to like the Lubricant a lot and have even said they will be looking into buying some for their personal use.
Thank you for your time and for giving us the opportunity to evaluate your product.

Sal Dominguez Test & Evaluation Program Specialist Office of Secure Transportation

I did receive a bottle of your True Blue gun lubricant. I have used it on a couple of my weapons and I like it very much. Not too thick, not to thin. Nice and clear lubricant indicating to me it’s of good quality and purity. I’ll be going to your website to get a full size bottle and explore your other products.
Thanks again,

Sergeant Lon Shook King County Sheriff’s Office

I did try the lubricant on both my pistol and rifle. I was very impressed. I like it a lot. When we look to restock our cleaning supplies we will be taking a close look at it. Thank you for reaching out, providing the info and being patient.

Chris Evans Deputy Chief MT Dept. of Corrections Probation & Parole Division Region IV-Billings

I gave the samples to some of our officers and they had nothing but positive things to say about your product. Where can it be purchased ?

Sergeant Mark Meadows Irondale Police Department