My company has really enjoyed the Suppressor Syrup. We have have used it on roughly 40 silencers that range anywhere from 200 rounds to 3 thousand rounds. From what we have noticed is at the minimum rate, my baffle system cleans off fantastic and can take a blackened carbon fouled debris and build up off immediately. Once you surpass the 1000 ish mark we asses the Suppressor Syrup dissipates off within the baffle system. This only happens where the heat majority is contain. My silencer system is modular and the syrup works great throughout the 3k worth of rounds in the threads which prevents carbon build. This is a huge advantage to my system because we rely on unscrewing each baffle to clean and maintain it. Ultimately, wherever Suppressor Syrup is without direct heat/fire engagement will outlast the engagement period of either a range day or military mission.
Adam Gudz owner MMG Silencers