Just wanted to give you an update on the results using your Gun Cleaner here at the shop. It’s the product I reach for first when I’m doing a deep clean on any firearm. Since it’s less viscous than a lot of other products, particularly a CLP, it’s able to quickly flow down the bore and into all the tiny crevices, such as the ones found in the barrel extension near the chamber on an AR-15. This is a place that is notoriously hard to clean thoroughly. Your Gun Cleaner gets in all the tiny hard to reach areas. It does a great job of breaking carbon loose and making it accessible for a cleaning patch, a brush, or compressed air to get out of the gun. It seems to do a good job at getting the green copper oxides moving out of the bore as well. If I let it sit in the bore for a few minutes it really does a lot of the hard work for me. Solvents are more aggressive on carbon and copper, but they’re also more aggressive on your skin, lungs, and your senses if you know what I mean. No need for a respirator, a fume hood, or an open window. I recommend to anyone they should keep a bottle on hand when doing a quick cleaning and a full clean. Once everything is clean, put a drop of True Blue Gun Oil on the friction points, reassemble the firearm, cycle the action half a dozen times, your done. Quite the product you’ve created. Thanks for that.