I had the opportunity to test out the TRUE BLUE Gun Oil during deer rifle season in Southern California. I also had the opportunity to use the oil while training long range shooting in Southern California and in Socorro, New Mexico.

During deer rifle season of October, 2018, we had a heavy thunderstorm that rained all through the night and into the next day. I lightly applied True Blue Gun Oil to the bolt of my Remington 700. I also applied a light layer to the rail guides of where the bolt travels. As the rain steadily came down, I had worked the bolt a few times to make sure my position was suitable and that manipulating the bolt would still work as it rained. After the first day was over, I wiped down the bolt and my rifle. Usually, firearms near the coast will rust overnight. Keeping that in mind, my rifle didn’t have any rust on the bolt and inside the area where the bolt slides. The next morning had a lot of moisture in the air. So, I applied more True Blue Gun Oil for the next day’s hunt. I had a successful day in hunting that morning. Took the first shot at my deer and with the gun oil, it was an easy manipulation of my bolt to chamber a second round for a follow up shot if needed.

On the second week of December, 2018, our sniper staff had scheduled a long range shoot with our bolt action rifles that consisted of .308’s and .300 Winchester Magnums. First day of shooting was on a hot day that reached temperatures of 75 to 80 degrees. The gun oil worked perfect as we manipulated our bolts. We each may have shot about 250 rounds or more out of our rifles. After the days shoot, all we did was wipe down the bolts and the chamber area with ease. No need to scrub. The very next day, we all shot in the rain. I applied a light coat of the gun oil on my bolt and chamber and still manage to fire about 100 rounds out of my rifle.

Our sniper staff attended a long range shooting course in Socorro, NM on the third week of December 2018. The temperatures in the morning were 25 degrees and 55 degrees during mid-day. While we were shooting, I applied a light coat of the True Blue Gun Oil to my bolt action rifle, the manipulation of the bolt was very smooth which made it feel like it was gliding on the rails as we chambered round after round. We shot 150 to 200 rounds per day during the 3 days of shooting.

With my experience of using the True Blue Gun Oil, just apply a small coat of oil on all working parts. This will allow the firearm to work reliably in wet conditions and during cold weather environments. I am very confident that this gun oil will perform very well from both extreme weather conditions.