As far as the oil goes, I started using TRUE BLUE Gun Oil in my STI Edge as a testbed for other guns. I knew I would be shooting it a fair bit and would be running it as hard as I possibly can.  I used the TRUE BLUE Gun Oil before a match, and at the match ran a couple hundred rounds through it.  After the match I noticed that it felt slightly smoother as the oil had a chance to polymerize a bit, but the big difference was cleaning.  The carbon came off easily, even in tiny nooks and crannies, and after a quick re-oil the difference was immediately noticeable. Every aspect of the gun’s action was much smoother and I had other people work the action just to make sure I wasn’t going crazy.  Now I spend a couple minutes cleaning this gun, and my other competition guns are going to be getting the same treatment.  I keep a bottle of the Gun Oil in my range bag but have not had to use it even after my gun has been exposed to rain, dirt, and sand.  This is the only oil I have used that has by itself smoothed out the action of my firearms, and while they will naturally wear themselves in and smooth out, the TRUE BLUE Gun Oil doesn’t need thousands upon thousands of rounds to accomplish the task and over time my action has only gotten smoother. I was skeptical of the oil’s claims at first but it really does perform as expalined and advertised.

Brendan Miller
Sales Manager
Pantel Tactical