Anyone who knows me knows I don’t shill, and I don’t pull my punches when it comes to products I like or loathe. @truebluegunlube_canada handed me a bottle of True Blue, and said “try it”. Well I’ve tried it and holy fucking shit. My pistol has never run so slick.
The second picture  Instagram is somewhere between 1500-2000 rounds since last cleaning (after wiping the oil off because it was pretty oily), with me only throwing this stuff in the gun before shooting using the awesome long needle applicator. And honestly, I’m struggling to tell the difference between dirty but lubed and clean but lubed. I’ve tried a bunch of lubes in this pistol and they’ve all been varying shades of good for a few hundred rounds, the type to turn into thick messy shit inside the gun and force more regular cleaning, or did nothing to really slick up the action.
I’m completely stunned at how good this stuff is.