I received a sample of Gun Grease and True Blue Gun Oil at SHOT (SHOW 2017) this past January. I just wanted to follow up with how I feel it performs. I used the Gun Grease in my M1 Garand and M1 Carbine and it worked very well. The big test was in my rim fire race guns. I am part of the Tactical Solutions Shooting Team, and up to this point in the summer, I have gone through approximately 15,000 rounds of ammunition in my Tactical Solutions X-Ring rifle and my Ruger Mkiii 22/45 in practice and competitions. I have been using the Gun Grease in the X-Ring and it has run flawlessly. This is by far one of the cleanest lubricants I have ever used. I clean my weapons every 3 or 4 thousand rounds and the carbon and grime wipes right off. I have been using the Gun Oil in my 22/45 and like-wise have had no issue with operation. You have definitely hit a home-run with this combination. I make it a point to brag up your product to all my fellow shooters.